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Eternal Mystery Of Shirde Ke Saibaba

If you are an omniest, you might have studied all the religions deeply. By chance, if you are a fan of Hinduism, there is no doubt you mustn’t be aware of Shirdi Saibaba. Not even Hindus but also all religion people, regard him as a saint, as their savior. Sai baba is the ascended spiritual master and is also called sadguru and some people also have belief that Saibaba to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Even today, after his lifetime, he is venerated by the Muslims and Hindus and is an admired as well.

About Shirdi Ke Saibaba

Every saint is eminent by his theory of living and so was Shirdi Ke Saibaba well known in the subcontinent or religious people among. Self-realization and self-actualization was his priority in every step of life. He was always of the opinion that self-realization is the far most the prior step a person should spend his life around. He always said that Faith and Patience are two ornaments everyone should have and always preached All is one ( Sabka Malik Eak )

Saibaba was always against the human desire for fragile things and temporary things. To know the purpose of life and person’s fulfillment of oneself and his own character was his concept which he taught to his followers and embraced in his real life as well. His teachings depicted his values towards the moral codes of love, sympathy, empathy, devotion, inner peace.

Another concept which was barred by Saibaba was the distinction between religions as it separated people from humanity and being good humans. This was the main reason his followers were never sure that he was a Muslim or a Hindu. His teachings were a wrap of Islam and Hinduism.

Early Life Of Saibaba

It is stated in one of the renowned books Sai Satcharita that he was spotted when he arrived at Shirdi village, by British occupied India at the age of 16. He led a severely self-disciplined lifestyle. He used to meditate while sitting under a Neem tree, utterly motionless. To the surprise, villagers were more curious than happy because of his presence. 

Many indicators show that he met many other saints and fakirs which in turn resulted in him working as a weaver. It is said that his total stay in Shirdi was 4 years and after that, he mystically disappeared and then reappeared and stayed permanently till his Mahasamadhi in 1918.

Shirdi Ke Saibaba’s Teachings

Saibaba of Shirdi was not very much of a supporter of discrimination on the basis of religion, caste or creed – whether he is a Muslim, Hindu, Jew or Christian. Because of his rational behavior and approach towards life, he has followers of almost all religions and he advised them to follow their respective religions in the way they would like to.

He illuminated their minds with the impeccable thought of chanting their own God’s name in the way they loved to remember them. Muslims were told by him to study the Qur’an and Hindus to study and go through their religious scriptures. He always encouraged his followers to grow within their character and follow a moral life, the one which gives their lives a meaning, a purpose, and their body a soul.

Saibaba never encouraged materialism. He was never of the concept to go after some fragile things which may resultantly make a person turn meaner. He was always of the idea that one should spend their lives serving humanity, for one other and irrespective of any of the worldly matters. This Earth lacks humanity and he wanted to rebuild the life with more of it.

For Muslim rituals, he discouraged performing any of the rituals but always enlightened their followers to perform Salah. He, himself, found peace in the recitation of Surah Al-Fatiha and listening to qawwali occasionally. In his life, he always used to interpret the meanings of both the Holy Scriptures i.e. Hindus and Muslims.

Shirdi Ke Saibaba’s Miracles

Sai Baba’s followers and devotees always had idolized him. They were found telling the stories that they saw Saibaba in their dreams and he explicitly used to give them advice which they always followed in their daily life.

Besides all his teachings, preaching and ideologies, it is also believed that he used to perform many miracles. Exorcism, mindreading, curing the fatal sick, saving people by precluding a mosque falling on them was his famed marvels.

He is remembered by people of every religion in the form of sacred architecture, art and temples. People all around the world follow his preaching and footsteps. An artist from Mumbai has blessed his temple in Shirdi by a life-size portrait which is photographed, observed and read by the visitors. He also has been the major subject of many feature films made in India.

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